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Reeves & Woodland Air Heater Modular Assemblies replace large portions of an air heater which have been damaged. A modular component replacement in an air heater is very similar to common single part replacement (e.g. diaphragms) except that in the case of Modular's, the components are pre-assembled and installed as a group. A modular component replacement is also much more cost effective than either single component or total rotor replacements. Single component replacements require extensive field man hours in difficult environments. Modular assemblies are assembled accurately and quickly in a nearly ideal shop environment, 













A modular assembly installation would use the existing rotor post, bearings, duct work, support framework, drive motors, speed reducers and other major components. Modular type replacements are also in-kind replacements allowing use of all the same components ( baskets, Seals, Bearings, etc.) that might be currently stocked. Modular assemblies are significantly easier to handle and do not require extremely heavy crane or rigging equipment. Modular assemblies can be built to replace all or half of the rotor, only the affected portion of an air heater, such as the cold end portion or smaller potions of only a few sectors.

















A modular assembly will take only a fraction of the time to build, deliver and install as compared to a full rotor replacement allowing a unit to return to service much sooner.






















  • Fit up blocks located at key points for ease of installation and accuracy in field.
  • Reinforcing and flow gussets installed at rotor shell to diaphragm joints for added strength.
  • Stay plates and splitter plates installed and welded in where applicable.
  • Modular's will form every other air heater sector and the associated parts would be installed between Modular's to complete the rotor.












































    Modular Component Assembly



    leaving only the modular attachment and associated parts installation to be performed in the field.


    Total rotor replacements are expensive and time consuming due to the requirements of replacing the rotor post assembly, which in most cases is still good, and the amount of interference to be removed to install large air heater half sections or components.


    Rotor Post prepared and ready for Cold End Modular Assembly Installation


    A Cold End Modular Assembly being fitted


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