Specializing in tightsealing air heaters for the power industry

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Additional Air Preheater Products

Rotor Assembly & Structural Parts

  • Grids / Grating

  • Diaphragm Plates

  • Rotor Shell Plates

  • Reinforcing Gussets

  • Basket Access Cover Plates

  • Splitter Plates

  • Rotor Angle

  • Rotor “T - Bar”

  • Bypass Seal Support angles

  • Circumferential Seal Mounting Angles

  • Circumferential Seal Angle (Seal Ring)

  • Stay Plates


Miscellaneous & Special Parts


  • Rotor Modular Component Assemblies

  • Axial Seal Plate Assemblies

  • Rotor Shell Plates

  • Radial Sector Plate Assemblies

  • Radial Sector Plate Adjusters

  • Duct Access Hatches and Covers

  • Custom Fabricated Components for Special Applications


Air Preheater Element and Related Parts




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